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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a massive internationally-funded particle accelerator located in Switzerland, keeps hitting setbacks. Originally scheduled to power up around 2005, the project’s latest snag—supports for the collider’s many powerful magnets are failing—has pushed the start date to May of 2008 [this could also affect the Higgs Boson PPX proposition]. Scientists also reported that cooling the massive magnets to the required 1.9 degrees Kelvin (that’s cold) seems to be taking “a little longer than planned.” Personally, I’m glad they’re spending a bit of extratime to get everything perfect, since one theoretical failure situation could lead to the creation of a black hole that devours the earth.

VR photographer Peter McCready’s series of 360-degree, high-resolution techno-porn shots depicting various parts of the amazing 27-kilometer underground complex (complete with soothingly industrial ambient background soundscapes—you can almost hear the magnets cooling) should keep your mind off doomsday long enough to remember that the LHC is probably a pretty good idea after all. Apocalypse watchers: you’ve got another year to rest easy. —Dan Smith

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