Are you willing to live in a tiny cubby without access to the great outdoors, the local Barnes & Noble, or ESPN? If so, Google wants you for its next big project. The proposed Copernicus Center, which the company plans to construct on the near side of the moon, will need plucky workers to research what happens to Internet technology once it leaves Earth, including such intriguing questions as “Does spam go on forever?” and “What happens to PageRank in the proximity of a black hole?” Successful applicants will also help update the new Google moon map-launched July 20 at
com-by indexing the future space businesses that will surely crop up once we find an economical way to actually reach the moon.
Unsurprisingly, the map is still sparse. Zoom in close-street level on most online maps-and you get a decidedly unhelpful surprise. (See for yourself.) But in the future, the locations of lunar cafs and bowling alleys will be accessible from the comfort of your radiation-proof lunar pod (or whatever moon-dwellers will live in).

People with the ability to retain muscle mass with little gravity-or to live without much oxygen, for that matter-are especially welcome. Learn about what your potential job entails, and apply, at [ lunar_job.html.]( lunar_job.html). But don´t feel bad if you don´t hear back. Google reports that ever since the job description was first posted on April Fool´s Day, the response has been overwhelming.