You´re not fooling anyone by â€borrowing†a kid´s toy-least of all the kid
himself. Please, grow up and get your own. There´s certainly no shame in playing
with this fleet of innovative remote-controlled toys. Engineered with serious
technology from the consumer electronics and automotive industries, these
unmanned vehicles are guaranteed to bring out the child in anyone.

Draganflyer V Ti Pro
Why is this 30-by-30-inch carbon-fiber whirlybird so easy
to fly? Gyros sense if it´s off-kilter, and four sensors measure ground-to-air
temperature differences to know which propellers are dipping. A chip allocates
power to the four motors based on this data. A 2.4-gigahertz wireless video
camera and a receiver that plugs into any TV allow for real- time viewing. $80