How Did Your City Do?

How did PopSci find its high-tech cities, and how does your rate?

To determine which U.S. cities can claim the designation "high-tech," we chose 36 technology indicators--our raw data--based on expert and staff opinion. Items such as "robotic surgery," "number of Wi-Fi hotspots" and "R&D budgets at local universities" all qualified. We grouped each indicator into one of six broad categories: Transportation, Connected Citizens, Medical, Jobs, Education and Energy.

When analyzing all of that raw data, we weighted each of the indicators based on their relative level of importance. We summed those weighted indicators in each category to get the Category Score, 1 through 100. To reach an overall High-Tech Score for each city, we weighted each of the individual Category Scores, added them together, and converted those results to a 1â€100 scale.

Don't see your city in our list? Cities for which sufficient data were not available and those with populations of less than 25,000 were not included.

Note: Where necessary, individual cities were combined into Census Bureau-defined Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Where the Grass is Greener

Michael Krause's Green Institute develops and tests environmental technologies that can be used in homes.John B. Carnett

VIP Tour Guide

Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak with his hybrid PriusJohn B. Carnett

In the Hot Seat

The simple genius of heated bus stops was an early clue to Minneapolis's pervasive techiness.John B. Carnett

Speed of Lights

Sensors at Minneapolis intersections measure traffic density and automatically adjust traffic-light timing to compensate.John B. Carnett

The Green Machine

The Philips Eco-Enterprise Center was built by Minneapolis's Green Institute as a testing ground for energy-saving and eco-friendly designs. It is furnished with no-emission paints, recycled-glass tiles and the world's first 100 percent recyclable carpet. It's lit with sun-tracking mirrors that deflect up to 10 times more sunlight through skylights and into the building.Stephen Rountree