How Will You Vote?

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[1] Maryland and Georgia use Diebold voting machines statewide that leave no paper trail. A Maryland judge rejected a paper-trail mandate.

[2] California: Secretary of State Kevin Shelley decertified insecure Diebold machines, and the attorney general joined a lawsuit against the company accusing it of making false claims about its machines.

[3] Nevada uses DREs retrofitted with printers statewide. Counties randomly select 1 to 3 percent of their machines and match paper records with machine totals.

[4] Texas chose its Diebold voting machines in meetings that were closed to the public. See video of one of those meetings at

[5] Washington passed a law requiring all DREs to have a paper audit trail, but counties have until 2006 to comply.

[6] Florida: Based on the erroneous assumption that touchscreen machines were failsafe, Secretary of State Glenda Hood issued a rule in April barring counties with machines from performing manual recounts. In August a judge overturned the order.

* a type of punch-card system