Erik Demaine mulls the math of folded forms.

Photograph by Antonin Kratochvil

Erik Demaine mulls the math of folded forms.

Erik Demaine, one of Popular Science‘s Brilliant Ten, is a 22-year-old assistant professor at MIT who specializes in computational origami. Here’s a guide to some problems on his site, along with a few links to the wider world of mathematics of paper folding.

Was Betsy Ross an early origami mathematician? Explanation and history of the classic fold-and-cut problem.

Giftwrapping for geniuses. The most efficient way to wrap a two- or three-dimensional shape.

Links to various sites on the mathematics of paper folding from Tom Hull, a Merrimack University mathematician.

A project to build a three-dimensional fractal, known as a Menger Sponge, out of 66,000+ business cards.