by Courtesy Incredible Adventures

The Gauntlet at the Night Integrated Training Environment in Quantico, Virginia is normally reserved for Marines, police officers, and Army and Navy soldiers. But there are other places where you can strap on night-vision gear, train for covert operations, and hurdle obstacles like a madman. Here’s where to start.


Combat Mission 101, Incredible Adventures, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Enter a former CIA training facility armed with a Beretta or M4, and spend hours fighting the enemy in environments ranging from live-fire shoot houses to a DC-9. The three-day price tag: $3,495.


Project Dark

Since the early 1980s, paintball enthusiasts have struggled with one basic question: Is there a way to play the sport safely and affordably at night? Finally, the answer is yes. The glowing paintballs and goggle lamps invented by Illinois-based Wretched 7 can open any park to nighttime play.


Tough Guy Race, Wolverhampton, England

This biannual race is only for the physically fit, stoically brave and patently insane. In past years, the eight-mile course has included barbed wire fences, ponds of pig manure and underwater tunnels. Only the winner gets to shower.


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Ubi Soft Entertainment

Two CIA operatives disappear in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, and you, special agent Sam Fisher, must save them. At your disposal are several gadgets, including infrared and night-vision goggles. $49.99 for
PC, Xbox, Gamecube and PS2.