by Stephen Rountree, John B. Carnett

1. L.R.I. Photon Fusion Headlamp/Flashlight
A first of its kind, this lamp uses six white LEDs to create an even, full-spectrum beam to minimize shadows. Even with this much power, it lasts far longer than other headlamps, using batteries down to 0.8 volts (effectively dead). You can wear it or carry it as a flashlight. Price: $82.

2. Cramer Stay Cool Towel
It sucks up 12 times its dry weight in water and absorbs sweat six times faster than cotton towels. Nylon reinforcement inside the towel draws water and sweat in instead of just soaking it up. Bonus: It doesn’t drip. Price: $10.

3. IllumiNite Active Wear
For the best nighttime visibility, IllumiNite fabric is covered with microscopic dishes (below), which act like millions of mirrors to reflect light back to its source. In tests, participants identified wearers from 1,000 feet away. Price: $65 (wind pants), $85 (jacket).

4. Shimano SH-FR65
These three-in-one utility shoes fit clipless bike pedals, offer adequate hiking support, and have enough style to fit in at the office. Price: $100.

5. S&S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings
Go ahead, bring your full-size mountain bike. These frame-mounted couplings allow you to disassemble any bike in 3 minutes.
The bike then fits into an optional 26- by 26- by 10-inch soft backpack ($235). Price: $300 to $750. Shown here on the Seven Cycles Sola Ti ($4,000 to $5,000).

6. Jeep TV Lantern
Flashlight, compass, electronic insect repellent, emergency flasher, TV; this combo creates a new category-the sport-utility accessory. Price: $100.