Photo by John B. Carnett

Snap, then surf
Thanks to engineer Karl Pope, surfboards now fit in the overhead bin. Pope’s 9-foot-6-inch, 15-pound Bisect Hollow Carbon Stealth surfboard can be taken apart and snapped back together in minutes. Better yet, since it’s made of carbon fiber, it’s 25 percent lighter and 10 times stronger than glass boards. Available in June.
Price: $1,795

See farther underwater
(Left, center) Under Water Kinetics’ Light Cannon 100 penetrates water twice as far as other dive lights, with an intensity that rivals daylight. The secret: its gas-filled bulb burns hotter than wire to produce white-blue light rather than yellow.
Price: $199

Get a grip with microscopic fingers
(Left, bottom) The palms and fingertips of Connelly’s Sticky Fingers waterskiing gloves are covered with thousands of tiny nubs that produce superhuman grip. The material works in wet or dry conditions.
Price: $34