Swingers’ clubs The Ping TiSi Tec, Callaway Big Bertha C4, and Nike Forged drivers all incorporate technology designed to lengthen your drives.

Three new drivers might do what the local golf pro couldn’t: Turn
your wicked slices into long, straight drives. Nike’s $499 Forged Driver (right) is made from titanium that’s heated and squeezed into shape. The result is a thinner face, for more speed and the elimination of soft spots that create inconsistencies in how the ball comes off the head. The $515 Ping TiSI Tec Driver (left), meanwhile, goes through a chemical milling process that removes the outermost layer of titanium-this weight is then redistributed to the bottom of the face, providing extra stability to reduce spin. Ping says the club adds 10 yards.
Finally, Callaway’s $540 Big Bertha C4 (center) has a carbon composite head that’s lighter than stainless steel or titanium. Inside is a urethane skeleton, which reduces twisting on impact to keep all but the most off-center hits flying straight.

If a fancy new driver doesn’t do the trick, the problem has gotta be your low-tech balls. Here are three new ones designed to trim strokes.

Top-Flite XL3000 Super Straight

These oversize balls have five different sizes of dimples and a Teflon cover. Both features reduce spin for straighter and farther drives. $20 for 15

Callaway HX

Designed by a former Boeing engineer, HX balls have hexagonal dimples, eliminating flat spots. The result: improved aerodynamics and longer drives. $58 per dozen

Maxfli A10

For golfers looking for some extra English-that is, more spin-the A10 has a heavy outer shell. For skilled players, this means better distance and control. $40 per dozen