A Giant Teddy Bear And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Color-Coded Buildings

This is an image from an interactive map of buildings in the Netherlands. Like, all the buildings--almost 10 million of them. The age of the buildings are color-coded (they look like stained glass!), and here you can see the oldest buildings in a circle in the center, with newer and newer buildings popping up the farther you look.CitySDK via Information Aesthetics

Paper Birds

If you saw one of Diana Beltran Herrera's crazy realistic paper birds on your windowsill, you wouldn't blink. Here's her interpretation of the hairy woodpecker. Check out more here, and see some other cool paper-based projects here.Diana Beltran Herrera via Smithsonian

The Future Of Fashion

Is this sort of thing The Future of Fashion? Oh, god, hopefully it's slightly less Minority Report. But these eerie designs from designer Bart Hess are fun to look at for the time being.Bart Hess via Dezeen

A Wrinkleless Brain

This is a human brain, devoid of the usual wrinkles. We know the person who had this brain died in a mental health facility in 1970, and suffered from the rare condition called lissencephaly, but not much else. Read more at New Scientist.Adam Voorhes/New Scientist

Pop Culture Coins

For the project "Tales You Lose," Andre Levy dressed up currency with pop culture icons. Check out more here.Andre Levy via Laughing Squid

Crime, Then And Now

New York Daily News photographer Marc Hermann mashes up modern images with crimes documented in the paper's archive. Here's a stolen car that plowed into a lamppost.Marc Hermann via Messy Nessy Chic

Light Switch Art

Faye Toogood created this installation, where 160 fluorescent tube lights are wired to analog switches. The dangers of tripping over a cord are higher than ever.Faye Toogood/Established & Sons via Dezeen

Giant Teddy Bear

Iza Rutkowska thought up the giant teddy bear at the bottom of this photo as a sculpture that would be a little more cuddly than the traditional stone monuments in Warsaw, Poland. The giant toddler is behind the building, presumably.Forms and Shapes Foundation via designboom