A Skull Made Of Cocaine And Other Amazing Images From This Week

A Bridge In Disguise

This bridge--that off-colored part of too-blue sky--was a useless eyesore until Mike Hewson camouflaged it. One of the buildings the bridge connected to shuttered its doors, so it didn't go anywhere. Now it can blend into the sky, or at least give passersby a double-take.Mike Hewson via Design TAXI

A 3-D Scanned Elephant

A group of researchers was using 3-D scanning tech to measure trees in Gabon, when they ended up with this photo instead. Whoops. Hate that.Scan by Andy Burt, Aida Cuni Sanchez, University College London & Kim Calders, U. Wageningen

A Paper Cobra

Designed by Ronald Koh and expertly folded by origami pro Matthieu Georger, this cobra is made from a single piece of paper. All those scales you see? Yep, those are all folds.Ronald Koh/Matthieu Georger via Colossal

A Remote-Controlled Dog

Engineers Jeff Miller and David Bevly created a backpack that can cue dogs to move to a rescue site. The pack gives vibrations and sound cues that the dogs are pre-trained to respond to. "Okay, dog: who's a good boy? Correct. You are. Flawless operation."Jeff Miller and David Bevly via Gizmag

The Prettiest Nintendo Controller

Game controller/console artist Zoki64 made this design for a super-shiny, reflective Nintendo 64 controller. It's called the "Finger Print Magnet64," because there's no way you're going to touch this thing without leaving a fingerprint behind.Zoki64 via Kotaku

Underground Mars Colony

What would a Mars colony look like? No idea! But a team at ZA Architects suggests we move underground for shelter. Certainly looks neat.ZA Architects via Dezeen

If Google Made A Game Console

What if Google used its Android operating system to make a gaming console? (Because they might! Maybe.) If it looked as good as this mock-up from designer Joseph Dumary, then I'm intrigued.Joseph Dumary via Yanko Design

A Cocaine Skull

Artist Diddo made a skull out of cocaine and gelatin because... I'm not sure. But here it is.Diddo via Geekologie

Clouds Over Antarctica

Photographer Deven Stross captured an amazing series of polar stratospheric clouds in Antarctica. Beautiful. Except, whoops, they're acidic and destroying the ozone.Deven Stross via io9