Circular NYC

Cartographer Max Roberts created this circular version of New York City’s iconic subway map. Roberts’s map might be geographically distorted–the directional lines are curved, which makes the boroughs taper off at the bottom–but it looks great, and feels more organized than the actual NYC subway map.

Coffee Haus

Designer Yves Behar created this coffee kiosk concept for coffee startup Briggo. It’s like any other coffee shop but with all social interaction removed (score, introverts!). You order your coffee through an app and this very nice-looking robo-barista spits it out.

Spacesuit X-Rays

What happens when an astronaut breaks a bone in space? Uh, almost certainly not this, actually… But! These x-rays of spacesuits dug up by The Atlantic, including this helmet from 1964, are great.

Rainbow X-Rays

Meanwhile, take a look at this other work inspired by x-rays: rainbow street art from Shok Oner. Here you see the hand of a half-person, half-unicorn.


Photographer Carl Warner creates digital -scapes–an earlier project was “foodscapes”–and for Bodyscapes he makes (you guessed it) landscapes out of bodies. They’re almost a little unnerving. You can check out more here.

Pretty Soap

Artist Ruslan Khasanov created this image with millions of tiny gumballs by taking an up-close look at a simple mix of ink, soap, oil, and water. Who knew? You can see a video of the project here.

Slow-Mo Trees

Design studios Mkgk and Raw Color turned people into human trees by having them play with objects–say, throwing paper in the air or dangling a stick–and filming the process in slow-mo. Here’s the oak tree.

The Next Pyongyang Airport

This could be the new look of North Korea’s largest airport, according to reports from the South China Morning Post. The international airport in the capital, Pyongyang, would have room for 12 planes–which, with travel restrictions against the country, still seems like a lot–and would cost $200 million to build. Not like there’s anything else that money could be spent on.

Owl With Wig

This is an owl with hair. Why, you ask? Perhaps it is better to let your imagination run wild. Although they were apparently published in a Dutch magazine, presumably accompanying an article about owls with hair. See more birds with hair here because why not almost weekend.