A Submarine In Space And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Laser-Painted Helicopter
Protestors in Egypt shined laser pointers on a military helicopter, presumably to blind the pilot, and ended up turning the aircraft into a flying disco-light show. (Update: Apparently it was actually done in celebration.) You can check out a video of it here.MubasherYoum7 via Jalopnik
Spaced Out Sub
This surreal digital work comes from Moscow-based illustrator Dmitry Maksimov, who goes by the name Tebe Interesno, or "Are you interested?" Some of his other work explores dinosaurs on the moon and trains floating through the air. Color us interested.Tebe Interesno via Colossal
The World's Most Uncomfortable Shoe
Starchitect Zaha Hadid continues her series of World's Most Uncomfortable-Looking Everyday Objects with this slinky shoe that doubles as a steel foot cage. You can buy a pair for $2,000.United Nude via WWD
Portraits Made From People
Artist Craig Alan creates giant portraits through aerial photography, with real people filling in for the lines. The people are all wearing dark clothing, while the people who look red were color-corrected. Here's Audrey Hepburn!Craig Alan via Lost At E Minor
San Francisco Fog
Simon Christen created an incredible timelapse video of San Francisco fog. It's beautiful. Also vaguely frightening. Look at that! Does the fog just benevolently rule the city?Simon Christen
Tree Factories
Adam Shephard created this design for harnessing energy (very, very slowly) from trees. As the tree grows, a piston attached to the tree compresses and is turned into energy. Silly, right? Doesn't he know you can just burn them for energy?Adam Shephard via designboom
Crushed Cars
"In Reverse," the latest exhibit from Ron Arad, an Israeli industrial designer and artist, involves six Fiat 500s, all crushed into utter flatness. "I 'reverse' perfectly functional objects and render them useless," he writes in his artist's statement. The work is more personal to Arad than one might expect: His family's Fiat was crushed by a garbage truck during his childhood.Ron Arad via Co.Design
Wilderness Embodied
High-tech, other-worldly creations are somewhat of a staple in the work of Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen. Earlier this year she debuted an MIT-assisted 3-D printed clothing line. Check out a video about her work here, and more photos here.Iris Van Herpen via Wired
She's A Barbie Girl
Artist Nickolay Lamm created an alterna-Barbie using a 3-D printed model of an average 19-year-old woman, as based on measurement data from the CDC. She's a little shorter, a little squatter--and her head actually seems reasonably proportioned to her body.Nickolay Lamm via MyDeals
Cyberpunk Lego Metropolis
This year's Brickworld, the Lego convention, featured Neotokyo, a detailed model of a futuristic metropolis in decay. The cyberpunk city comes complete with tangled electroluminescent wire, Japanese signs advertising "foreign girls" and hanging laundry. It's no paradise, but it's a geek's dream.Carter Baldwin via Gizmodo