As part of a quad-copter video competition, YouTube user questpact piloted his drone above Niagara falls. The resulting video is weirdly relaxing (although the drone was probably scared pantsless). questpact via

Holy Crap A Dragon’s Head

This mock dragon’s skull made from fake bones was cobbled together as part of a marketing effort promoting the fact that Game of Thrones is coming to a streaming service. But what’s crazy about this photo is that the lady might not know that. Why is she so calm about this giant dragon skull? Heed your dog’s warning!

Manhattan Canyon

For his digital art project “Merge,” Gus Petro imagines what Manhattan would look like in the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. (Spoiler: it looks like a Woody Allen-directed western.) See more photos here.

Stonehenge 2.0

For his thesis, Southern California Institute of Architecture student Kyle Onaga proposed this mass of head-like shapes. It’s basically a new Stonehenge! I hope it gets built and our ancestors thousands of years from now believe it was put there by aliens.

London Tower

Did you know London wanted to respond to the Eiffel Tower with a great building of its own? It’s true! Many of the designs were bad, and some were downright Giger-esque. But it’s a shame at least one of the better ideas wasn’t built. Take a look at more here.

Cassidy Cam

Astronaut Chris Cassidy took this photo outside the International Space Station. Not that we were getting bored of all the crazy photos of Earth as seen from space, but this is fun, too.

LegoStar Galactica

A serious fan of sci-fi TV show Battlestar Galactica assembled this Cylon warship from 16,387 bricks. I assume it’s just been PhotoShopped into space–unless he really, really took this project seriously.

Moon Phone!

Moon phone! It is not, unfortunately, a phone made from parts of the moon or a phone that makes calls from the moon. But it looks pretty neat.

Fabric Shelf

This shelf, created by designer Roger Moliné, uses hydraulic power to automatically level itself out. Probably fun for book-weight comparison, too, if you’re curious about how many Gone With The Wind_s equal one _War and Peace.

Spinning Toys

For the photo project “Toys,” photographer Peter Schafrick dipped (you guessed it) toys in paint, then spun them around and photographed them in mid-air. How whimsical! Er, except this doll’s head is a little terrifying. See more playful ones here.