Content Aware Typography

Speaking of great Tumblr accounts, here’s a fun one you can contribute to. Content Aware Typography takes classic examples typography, then messes with them through Photoshop’s content aware fill option. The typography goes bonkers, and you get something like this, from the Alfred Hitchcock classic North by North by North by North by Northwest.

Hermit Crab Architecture

Artist Aki Inomata makes semi-transparent hermit crab shells inspired by architecture, like the New York skyline or houses in Tokyo. The little guys grow out of the shell eventually, so they’re just renters.

Galaxy Portraits

Sergio Albiac uses automated software and user-submitted photos to create portraits made from pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Detroit, Then And Now

You may have heard Detroit went bankrupt. That’s bad. is cataloging Detroit’s fall from Great American City status through a then-and-now photo mashup series. Here’s the better (and worse) days of St. Agnes Church.

8-Bit NYC

Brett Camper created a series of city maps using retro videogame stylings. Here’s New York. To level up, find the sword hidden on the Upper East Side.

People Chameleons

Artist Johannes Stötter uses body paint to camouflage people. The results are cool! As long as you’re, like, looking at them here and not suddenly seeing them pop out at you. Also: at this link you fill find a person disguised as a pineapple.

Humongous Dinosaur Tail

This 72 million-year-old hadrosaur tail was just discovered in a desert in Mexico. It’s 15-feet long, and, somehow, might be more impressive not attached to the rest of the dinosaur.

Great Melting Pots

Artist Livia Marin makes fake-melted ceramics like this. Fun prank material, too, if you know someone who has pottery with the same pattern.

Crystal Books

Alexis Arnold grows Borax crystals on books, reflecting the idea that they’ll one day be obsolete but beautiful objects. But in a decade something new will come along and we’ll just have Borax-crystal Kindles.