House Of Mirrors

Artist Leandro Erlich reconstructed an old house’s facade and set a giant mirror above it. Perch down just so on the facade, and you can see yourself reflected on the mirror, as if you were sitting on a windowsill. Maybe a fun gag would be to have another person pretend to panic because someone is sitting on the windowsill like a maniac?

Ocean Prison

Designer Margot Krasojevic created this futuristic plan for a floating prison that would be located off the Pacific Canadian coast–sort of an Alcatraz for the Blade Runner universe. Read more about it here.

The World’s Most Uncomfortable Sofa

Is this the World’s Most Uncomfortable Sofa? No idea! The “Zephyr Sofa,” designed by starchitect Zaha Hadid and produced by Italian manufacturer Cassini, could be super comfy and just look not-at-all comfy. To be safe, we’ll stick to our Barcalounger.

How Many Photos Is This?

How many photos is this? Four put together, right? No, dummy, it’s just one. (Just kidding! It really looks like four.) Photographer Bela Borsodi carefully put together the scene to make the shot look like more than one image. One way to tell is by looking at the table in the bottom two “photos”: it shifts from orange to blue but still runs through both sections.

Alaska Cabins

Photographer Eirik Johnson took photos (the exact same photo, twice) of hunting cabins in Alaska during the peaks of summer and winter for a series called Barrow Cabins. It’s as extreme a difference as you’d expect: dry, rocky, and green in the summer, and blanketed by white in the winter. Check out more from the series at Johnson’s site.

Subway Tunnel

We’ve seen some amazing New York subway construction photos popping up recently, and have already written about a few, but they’re so consistently amazing, it’s worth showing off some more recent work from Metropolitan Transit Authority photographer Patrick Cashin.

Cell Stepping

Living Cell, a project from the designers at CLEVER°FRANKE, lets people play God with a cell, stepping around on it to influence its actions. Check out a video here.

The World, By Airports

This map, created by James Davenport, shows just the world’s airports (along with runways and helicopter pads). Looking deeper, though, you can see what it really is: a map of economic disparity. Check out America and Europe versus just about everywhere else.

Texas From Space

This shot, taken from on board the International Space Station, shows Texas at night, including its four biggest metropolitan areas. At the top is Dallas-Fort Worth; lower right, Houston; to the far right is Beaumont-Port Arthur; and say hello to San Antonio on the left.