The Serpentine Pavilion

The Serpentine Pavilion, a structure erected every year in London, often by big-name architects, was designed this year by Sou Fujimoto, and it’s awesome. Sort of like a jungle gym for adults.

A Stealth-Fighter Pavilion

Speaking of pavilions, artist Paul Segers created this structure, “Stealth Pavilion 2013,” in the Netherlands, with a design based on the Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk–for all of your stealth picnicking needs.

Crystallized Hair

A team of artists teamed up with the Kingston University Science department to crystallize hair and put it under a kaleidoscope. Which, gross. But also, really pretty. Check out more photos here.

A Gun Rack Illusion

As part of an exhibition, Chinese artist Liu Bolin dressed himself up in gun-rack-decorated camouflage and stepped in front of a, well, gun rack. This was the awesome result. See more of the process over at designboom.

Lego House

Lego is getting a new building in Denmark, designed by architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group. When it’s completed in 2016, it’ll feature Lego exhibitions, a Lego store, and a public square, all inside an appropriately blocky structure.

Seaside, Upside

Beach photographs are beautiful, but they can be little pat, too. What does the beach look like from the sky? Photographer Gray Malin shot a lovely series to show everyone.

Spam Art

Rather than sending all of his spam email into the garbage it rightly belongs in, artist Paulius Nosokas saved three year’s worth of it, then created these funny, sexual works of art he calls SPAMspace. A set of seven different colors each represent a different day of the week (it’s “increase your penis size in 10 weeks” Thursday!). See more here.

Oklahoma Aftermath

Lucas Jackson documented the aftermath of the tornado that hit Oklahoma late last month, and his long exposures are almost a surreal look at the damage. Our friends over at American Photo caught up with Jackson for a Q&A; you can read here.

An Off-Balance Hotel

This off-balance hotel to be built in Lima, Peru is a design from architectural firm OOIIO Architecture. The floors are also tilted, so they level out, but it would be fun if they weren’t and you had an office chair race down them.