Cool project idea: take photos of disassembled gadgets. Cooler project idea: take mid-air photos of disassembled gadgets as the little pieces rain down. Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan did both. Here's a toaster getting a taste of what the toast must feel like when it gets popped out. Todd McLellan Motion/Stills Inc. via designboom

Water Hats

Photographer Dimitriy Reinshtein takes live insects and carefully dollops single beads of water on their heads, then captures the results. It… kinda makes them look cute, actually. Look at this guy and his little beret.

Giant Duck

You almost want to warn these two. Even a rubber duck looks menacing when it’s six stories tall and OH GOD COMING RIGHT FOR YOU. Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has already sent the duck, a huge inflatable sculpture, to several countries, but here it makes its first stop in Hong Kong.

Four-Pedal Biking

Bikers! You’re wasting your energy like a bunch of chumps. Why are your legs doing all the work while your lazy arms sit around like the aristocrats of your appendages? Enlist them with this totally absurd idea for a bike that turns you into some sort of chimp-person by making you pedal with your hands.

Moon Rising

Weather kept getting in the way, so it took Swiss photographer Philipp Schmidli four months (four full moons) to snag this photo of a biker’s silhouette. But he got it! Looks like it was worth it, too.

Darkness Is Coming

This is the Blanco telescope, a 4-meter space explorer at Chile’s Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory that’s now mounted with the ultra-powerful 570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera. It’s part of a project called the Dark Energy Survey, a collaboration between more than 200 scientists to reveal the secrets of our accelerating universe. Each week, the Dark Energy Detectives share an image from the Dark Energy Camera. The project will comb the southern skies for evidence of dark energy over the next five years.

The Suburbs

Artist Ross Racine draws these winding aerial portraits of fictional suburbs freehand on a computer, then prints them out on a regular inkjet printer. He tries to “subvert the apparent rationality of urban design, exposing conflicts that lurk beneath the surface.” It’s definitely the kind of work you can get lost in.

Alien Apple

The city of Cupertino has released plans for Apple’s new 176-acre campus, complete with a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship of a main building. It’ll feature office, meeting and dining space (including an outdoor terrace extending into an inner courtyard orchard) for up to 12,000 employees. Beam us up!

Desert Light

Ryan Patrick Griffin does live projection painting on boulders in Arizona and New Mexico, creating dynamic works of art that disappear without a trace once his show is over. He describes it as “a freestyle in light unfolding from the heart to hand connection.” Watch the whole video here.

Liquid Artistry

Designer and photographer Manon Wethly hurls beverages around on her Instagram feed, where she tosses coffee, carrot juice, wine and other colorful streams into the air. Most of her work is shot with just her iPhone. We can’t wait to see what she’s not drinking next.