Scanned Smoke

ScanLAB usually uses its 3-D scanning tech for architecture, but it also turned it into an art project, where the team scanned mist and smoke to create beautiful (and sorta creepy) images. Here’s one of smoke coming through a doorway.

Data Art

Nice balloons, but even cooler is that they’re placed with a purpose. Willem Besselink organizes data with real-life objects. These represent the amount of visitors to different venues at the Museum het Prinsenhof in Delft.

Baby Hologram

Soon-to-be parents: You already love your unborn child, right? Right? Then you’ll want to get them this crazy baby hologram thing ASAP. The inventors take an ultrasound and convert it into a 3-D picture. For the memories!

Sunrise From Space

The crew on board the International Space Station took this photo of the sun rising over the South Pacific Ocean.

Composite Moon

What’s better than a photo of the moon? How about 47 photos of the moon put into one image? Photographer Miloslav Druckmüller did that on the night of a total solar eclipse, and this is the result.

Insect Lamp

Mad scientist bent on global domination Designer Paul Heijnen created this lamp (yep, it’s a lamp) out of pieces of oak. Check out a stop-motion video of it here.

Fan Bridge

Knight Architects has gotten the go-ahead to create this awesome folding bridge in London. From this view, it looks like it could double as some really intense slides.

Mirrored Buildings

Architizer rounded up a series of great photos showing houses reflected in nearby water. Particularly fond of this shot, from Amsterdam.

Killer Whale Attack

Killer whales occasionally ram their prey when hunting, but the process isn’t seen often. Photographer Jodi Frediani caught a photo series showing one of the animals launching a dolphin into the air.