A Stunning Painting Done In A Petri Dish And Other Amazing Images From This Week

False-Color System

This is a false-color image captured by NASA's Terra Satellite of a low-pressure system that passed near Australia this week, and holy cow, look at that. False-color or not, the orange is incredible.NASA via Gizmodo

Dragon Berthing

When SpaceX's Dragon Capsule connected to the International Space Station (with some technical difficulties), the always-amazing astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted this photo. In case you forgot for a minute how cool it is that we can send stuff to space.NASA/Chris Hadfield via Discover

Famous Photos With Their Photographers

For his latest book, Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends, Tim Mantoani took portraits of famous photographers with their famous photos. Here photographer Neil Leifer poses with his shot of Muhammad Ali.Tim Mantoani via Juxtapoz

Soviet-Era Futurism

What did the future look like in the Soviet Union during the '70s? Awesome, dipped in primary colors, and maybe a little optimistic. io9 has gathered some images for you to look back to the future.Youth Technics via io9

Petri Painting

Artist Klari Reis has been creating an abstract painting every day in 2013. The twist? The paintings are all in petri dishes. If only actual bacterial cultures came out this beautiful.Klari Reis via Colossal

Lamborghini Veneno

This is Lamborghini's new Veneno, part of a new line-up announced by Lambo and Ferrari. They're gorgeous cars. But also a little ridiculous. But in a good way! Anyway, they're sure to go up on a few kids' walls in the coming years. Read more here.Lamborghini

Where's Wataru?

For his project Drawing a Line, Japanese photographer Wataru Yamamoto sets up a camera and hides in the forest. See more fun (and sometimes frustrating) shots from there series over at American Photo.Wataru Yamamoto via American Photo

Toe Trap

Nike's latest high-tech trainer is inspired by...a Chinese finger trap? Because everyone wants more "lockdown" on their feet when they move, apparently. It must be part of a ploy to get you stuck in a pair of Nikes forever.Nike via designboom

Photobombing Space Invader

It's not every day that a 1970s arcade game character shows up in the cosmos. But that little alien from Space Invaders showed up floating around near galaxy cluster Abell 68. This Hubble image made it onto NASA's image of the day gallery earlier this week.NASA/ESA Acknowledgement: N. Rose

Spooky Skulls

Portland-based artist Eric Franklin created this glass skull, lit from the inside by ionized neon, krypton, and mercury. Check out the whole mesmerizing trio here.Eric Franklin via Colossal

A Jumping Rat

The winners of the annual Mammal Society Photographer of the Year Award were announced this week, and this photo from Roy Rimmer, of a rat hopping between two paint cans, took top honors.Roy Rimmer, Copyright: The Mammal Society