Sculptures Of Giants And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Clean Water-Generating Billboard

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru, commissioned this billboard, which uses reverse osmosis to transform Lima's humid air into drinkable water. It's already made thousands of liters in three months of operation. Refreshing!Mayo DraftFCB Peru via Co.Exist

Pretty Painted Neurons

Artist Greg Dunn paints vivid pictures inspired by neurons. Dunn has a Ph.D in neuroscience, and often sells the paintings to hospitals and scientists. They could probably pass for surreal forests, too, though.Greg Dunn via Wired

Sculptures Of Giants

Artist Ron Mueck created amazing sculptures like this for the Fondation Cartier Pour L'Art Contemporain, an exhibition in Paris. Fun and a little creepy. Kinda hard not to imagine them walking around when no one is looking.Ron Mueck via designboom

The Scenic Gowanus Canal

New York's Gowanus Canal is gross. Really gross. But also kinda pretty, if you look at it the right way? That's the thesis behind a series by photographer Bill Miller, who snapped beautiful photos like this of the canal. (But seriously just stay away from there, guys. Gross.)Bill Miller via Co.Design

320 Gigapixels Of London

This is a still from the largest panorama ever. The panorama shows London during the Olympics as seen from the 29th floor of the British Telecommunications tower, and it's made from 320 gigapixels. (The same studio that made it, 360Cities, also made this incredible photo of the Burj Khalifa.) You can check out the interactive version here.British Telecommunications via Discovery

Scrap Metal Hummingbird

Artist Vik Muniz creates beautiful works out of garbage. He takes pieces of gold scrap metal and makes animals, like this hummingbird.Vik Muniz via Colossal

Snow Plow

Retronaut unearthed this early design for a "centrifugal" snow plow. Looks effective, but also a little scary?Collections Canada via Retronaut


Beautiful, huh? Artist Yao Lu takes these picturesque photos of Chinese landscapes. Well, "takes" these photos is misleading: they're actually composed of several photos of landfills and other urban sights. Surprise!Yao Lu via Colossal

Cardboard Plotter

This is the most twee-tastic invention ever. Made from cardboard connected with super glue, adhesive tape, and tie wraps, it plots geometric shapes along x and y axes, so a user can look at a set of instructions and draw something from the coordinates.Niklas Roy

Cave Painting Visitors Center

Architecture and design firms Snøhetta, Duncan Lewis, and Casson Mann made this winning proposal for a visitors center at the cave paintings in Lascaux, France. It's a little cave-like itself (a good thing!).Snøhetta, Duncan Lewis, and Casson Mann