Folded Faces

For her series “Cosmic Portraiture,” photographer Alma Haser took photos of her subjects, made origami out of pictures of their faces, then placed the folded work on top of the printed photograph. The result is…so many eyes.

Volcanoes In Space

Russia’s Kizimen volcano on the fiery Kamchatka Peninsula has been erupting since late 2010, and spewing lava pretty steadily since February of last year. Snow lava! NASA’s Earth-Observing satellite took this photo on March 12.

Art Connection

Federico Uribe’s latest collection, “Conectado,” weaves electrical and a/v cables into multi-colored works of art. Despite all established museum rules, it’s the kind of work that just begs for you to reach out and touch it. Check out more of the series on his website.

Stretched Earth

Clement Valla finds the places where Google Earth’s mapping system turns everyday images surreal. As he says on his website, “They reveal a new model of representation: not through indexical photographs but through automated data collection from a myriad of different sources constantly updated and endlessly combined to create a seamless illusion; Google Earth is a database disguised as a photographic representation.”


In the ’90s, NASA developed a device that would cleanse the air of ethylene–a gas that was ripening fruits and vegetables on the International Space Station too quickly. The technology was later bought by a company called Airocide, which has just launched its first ($800) consumer version of the device.

The Moon’s Gravity

NASA’s twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) satellites, launched in 2011, mapped the moon’s surface gravity, and NASA showed off the map this week. Where gravity is very slightly weaker because of structural differences, the map shows blue, where it’s slightly stronger, red. Heavy stuff, man.

Toothy Fish

Meet the lovely sheepshead fish. It’s actually a pretty common species in North America. And, yep, you’re not the only who thinks those teeth look a lot like people teeth. Apparently they might have been named “sheepshead” because their teeth are similar to sheep teeth? Mostly they’re just unnerving, though.

Laser-Cut Lasagna

Andrew Stellitano makes branding concepts by laser cutting food. This is lasagna, believe it or not. He’s also made some adorable little cartoons by zapping crackers. Much cooler than a microwave.

Antiques Unzipped

Antiques are beautiful on the outside and inside, apparently. Artist Hu Shaoming carefully dissembled and reassembled a series of antiques, separating the interior and exterior with a zipper. Here on the left is a phone from the 1910s, and on the right, a camera from the 1930s. You’d think they’d want some privacy.