Super-Fashionable Zoo Animals And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Fancy Zoo

Barcelona-based Yago Partal has some competition to knock Menswear Dog off his high-fashion horse. Partal's Zoo Portraits shows us what we probably never knew we wanted: koalas in Hawaiian shirts, scarf-swaddled polar bears and sloths in V-necks. Who knew pandas could be so fashion-forward?Yago Partal via Co.Design

Whirlpool Aquarium

Most aquariums stick to just displaying marine life, but the newly opened Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen actually looks like it too. The building's curved structure is designed to resemble swirling water, and the shiny aluminum exterior mimics fish scales. It's Europe's largest aquarium and is home to 450 water-dwelling creatures.Adam Mørk via Dezeen

Illegal Internet

When you're trying to gather data on Internet usage from around the world, sometimes you have to play a little dirty. Last year, a project called the Internet Census 2012 hacked half a million computers--you know, for research. Using data gathered from systems that still had default passwords, the hackers measured Internet activity, creating this map of peak traffic (red) and base traffic (blue). You can see more at the project's website.Internet Census 2012 via Co.Design

Rubik's Cubism

This mural of the Macau, China skyline is made out of almost 86,000 Rubik's cubes. Clocking in at 200 feet long, it's the world's largest Rubik's cube mosaic. The Toronto-based studio behind the mural specializes in Rubik's cube art, which seems like the best job around. You can see a timelapse of the mural's construction here.Cube Works Studio via Enpundit

Bad To The Bone

New Zealand-based artist Bruce Mahalski is a bone artist, which means exactly what you'd think it would. His life-size replica of an AK47 contains a laundry list of animal bones--from rabbits, stoats, hedgehogs, even a single bone from a moa, an extinct flightless bird.Bruce Mahalski via Like COOL

Fairy Circles

Near the southwest coast of Africa, rings of perennial grass with no center, called fairy circles, pop up. This week, it was discovered that a type of sand termite might be responsible for the circles. So thanks for the nice photo op, guys.N. Juergens via LiveScience

Soyuz On The Road

The Soyuz rocket has already launched, carrying astronauts from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station. But just in case you forgot how massive spaceships are, here is Soyuz on a train, heading to its destination.NASA/Carla Cioffi

Climbing The Pyramids

It's illegal to climb Egypt's Great Pyramid, but a group of Russian photographers did it anyway and, wow, look at that. Quite the view. Much better than a prison cell.Mister-Marat via Gawker

A Computer Parts Carpet

This rug is made entirely from computer parts. Columbian artist Federico Uribe collected and composed them into this artistic shape. Cool. Does it run Windows 8?Tapete via It's Nice That


It's almost Easter! To celebrate, the Washington Post is having its annual Peeps diorama contest. We are big fans (obviously) of these Peep spacemen.Katy and John Bretschneider via The Washington Post