A 3-D Printed House And Other Amazing Photos From This Week

Post-Blizzard Boston
With everyone's attention focused on the meteorite landing in Russia, you might've forgotten about last week's meteorological event: the winter storm that passed through the northeast. A Reddit user took this beautiful photo of Boston covered in snow.Reddit via io9
A New Look At The Sun
Photographer Alan Friedman uses a telescope with special filters to take unbelievable photos of the sun. The filters keep the camera (and Friedman's vision) safe, and produce detailed images like this. We've seen one of his shots before, and couldn't resist adding another mind-blowing photo we came across.Alan Friedman via PetaPixel
The U.S. On The Moon
How big is the U.S. compared to the moon? Well, you could look at some numbers, or just look at this approximation, created by Reddit user boredboarder8. Makes you wonder how long a cross-country moon trip would take.Reddit via io9
An ISS Valentine
Commander Chris Hadfield, an astronaut on board the International Space Station, tweeted this photo on Valentine's Day, along with a message: "Seven billion hearts, but I can see only one. #ValentineFromSpace"Chris Hadfield
Bathroom Bubble
This is a bathroom with a view: The Association of the German Sanitation Industry and event organizers at Messe Frankfurt worked together to build the concept for a temporary, mobile, eco-friendly bathroom that can make the user feel closer to nature. It'll be going on tour to promote the concept. Great! But, uh, how about some privacy?Constantin Meyer/VDS via designboom
A 3-D Printed House
This proposal, called Protohouse 2.0, is a plan from architecture collective Softkill Design to build a 3-D printed house. It could be printed in pieces off-site, then taken to a spot and constructed in a single day. Looks very webby.Softkill Design via Dezeen
Bottle Cap Tapestry
Artist El Anatsui makes beautiful tapestries out of unlikely products like milk cans and liquor bottle tops. They don't look quite solid or completely fluid. See more photos at Co.Design.El Anatsui via Co.Design
Drone NY
Rajeev Basu invited artists and designers to model their ideas for commercial drones. After that, the drone designs were superimposed onto the streets of New York, flying free.Saiman Chow/Drones Of New York via It's Nice That
Russian Zinc Plant
You might've caught this image on our meteorite liveblog, but just in case: here's a zinc plant in Russia that was seriously damaged during today's meteorite crash.via Reddit
Police Painted
French riot police were covered in paint by protestors demonstrating against the closing of the Goodyear Dunlop French headquarters. Check out more great photojournalism at American Photo.Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters via American Photo