Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev takes gorgeous aerial pictures of rivers running through volcano beds in Iceland. See more of them here. Andre Ermolaev

Package for Dr. Jones

A great mystery unfolded this week: why was the University of Chicago sent this old-timey package addressed to none other than Henry “Indiana” Walton Jones, Jr.? Apparently there’s a guy on eBay who sells replica packages like this, and this one fell out of its actual package during delivery–and somehow the USPS delivered it to Chicago! Read more here.

Fish Tornado

This photo, entitled “David and Goliath,” was taken by scientist and photographer Octavio Aburto in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, where the Sea of Cortez mixes with the Pacific Ocean. This “tornado” of jackfish is all natural, no manipulation necessary. Read more about it (and see video) here.

GIF Wall

So this is kind of unfair, because our gallery system doesn’t seem to want to show you this GIF, but go here because these are awesome! Artist/designer INSA creates these hand-painted walls and then photographs them to make a kind of stop-motion GIF painting. So cool.

Buzz Lightyear?

This is the Z-1 prototype spacesuit, designed by ILC Dover for NASA. Does it remind you of any cartoon toy astronaut? Read more here.

Portrait, Kinda

Canadian artist Sascha Braunig creates these portraits, though they’re more about the patterns draped around the subjects than the subjects themselves. Read more here.

Christmas Ornament?

NASA says this nebula–NGC 5189–looks like the blown glass of a Christmas ornament. Do you see it? Read more here.

Lego Back to the Future

Lego finally responded to fan outcry and will make a Lego version of Back to the Future. Not in time for Christmas, unfortunately. But soon! Read more here.

Saturn Up Close

One of the most amazing shots of Saturn we’ve ever seen, shot by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Read more about it here.