Tilted House

French artist Jean-Francois Fourtou created this house/art project, titled “Tombée du Ciel” (Fallen from the Sky), on his own Moroccan property. The house is constructed upside-down–the pics from the inside are awesome.

Pretty Nanoflower

This isn’t a flower, exactly; it’s a flower-like structure made of germanium sulfide–a semiconductor material. Turns out the shape of a flower, with thin petals, gives you tons of surface area, which could be very useful for solar cells, data storage, and other purposes. Read more here.

Baby Walrus

Meet Mitik, a 15-month-old walrus calf! He was orphaned in Alaska, but he’s been airlifted all the way to the Brooklyn Aquarium in Coney Island. That aquarium doesn’t have a stellar record with walruses, but we’re pulling for Mitik. Read more here.

Cat’s Eye

NASA recently released the results from the first systematic survey of nearby solar nebulae. This is one of the most beautiful–the Cat’s Eye nebula. See more here.

Dirty Mouth

The Chinese softshell turtle isn’t a newly-discovered species–it’s fairly common and the most common turtle in China for turtle soup–but we did find out something very new and weird about it: this species urinates through its own mouth. Weird! Read more here.

Book Mountain

Spijkenisse, in The Netherlands, is the site of this new “book mountain” library, a massive, glass-covered structure with a sunny reading room at the peak. Read more here.

Panda Friends

Pandas can be skittish–so to approach these, in China’s Wolong National Reserve, these researchers had to don panda suits. For more photojournalism like this, check out American Photo.

Windy Conditions

We were hoping to have an incredible skydiving picture to add to the roundup this week, but windy conditions forced a delay. It is pretty windy, though; look how twisted up that balloon got! Read more here.