Deepest-Ever View Of The Universe

This image, from the Hubble Space Telescope, is our deepest-ever view of the universe. It shows about 5,500 galaxies–although some of them are much, much too faint to be seen by the naked eye–and is our best look yet at some of the earliest-formed galaxies. Read more about it here.

Booze Flood

Retronaut recently unearthed this unbelievable photo taken during prohibition. During a raid, agents discovered this store front concealing alcohol, then poured it from three stories up.


San Francisco photographer Peter Prato took several stunning images of the Datagrove, an art installation in San Jose that uses sensors, text-to-speech modules, LEDS, and LCDS to interact with visitors. It even aggregates local Twitter streams and plays the trending topics out of a speaker. See more of Prato’s photos here.

J.K. Rowling’s New E-Book

“Harry Potter” author/richest writer in the world J.K Rowling has a new book out, you might have heard. It’s for adults. The Kindle version had some major problems soon after its release (it’s since been fixed), resulting in weird, unreadable type. Annoying for any book, but especially annoying because this is one of the major book events of the year. Read about the debacle at Paid Content.

Lightning In Serbia

This photo shows lightning striking in Belgrade, Serbia. For more great photojournalism from this week, check out [American Photo.

Rainbow Balloon Buildings

Tomás Saraceno uses simple materials like foil and balloons to create beautiful, vibrant structures based around the idea of “utopia.” Read about this particular project, Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, on his site.

Evidence Of A Black Hole

We know black holes exist, we just haven’t really seen them. But this rendering, which shows data collected from telescopes aimed at galaxy M87, may be the closest we’ve ever been. Gas is being swirled at the center of the galaxy, where a black hole likely is. Read BoingBoing’s explainer on the photo here.

Ear Reconstruction

To replace a woman’s ear, doctors from Johns Hopkins University used bone and cartilage to recreate one. After that, they surgically placed it into the woman’s forearm. It stayed there four months, as the skin on her arm stretched and regrew around it.

Astronomy Photo Of The Year

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition showcases great examples of cosmic photos, but this one, of M51, or the Whirlpool Galaxy, took top honors. See other great entries here.

Launch Prep

These three men–NASA astronaut Kevin Ford (left), Soyuz Commander Oleg Novitskiy (center), and Flight Engineer Evgeny Tarelkin (right)–are seen here after completing qualification exams for a five-month mission on board the International Space Station. They depart Oct. 23.