This northern white rhino is absurdly endangered. Like, there are almost certainly none left in the wild, and only seven in captivity. Of those, only four are capable of reproducing. And they're not. To encourage that, zoos are putting them back in the wild, but since poaching is the reason there are only seven goddamn northern white rhinos left in the world, they've each been given a 24-hour armed guard. via @cespur

5-D Haunted House?

An attraction at Hong Kong Ocean Park is called a “5-D haunted house,” though I’m not sure what the other two dimensions are. It uses 3-D projection tech, plus real actors (500 of them1) and sprayed scents, to freak people out.

Lost Pilot

This is one of Polish photographer Dominik Smialowski’s series called The Pilot’s Melancholy. All the pictures are amazing. Check them out here.

Little Bat

The little brown bat is one of the species of bat most susceptible to white nose syndrome, the disease that’s killing millions of bats. Click here to read one of the latest solutions to the problem.

Maximum Kickstarterness

If there’s a more Kickstartery Kickstarter than this, please keep it away from us. The Impossible Instant Lab is an instant printer to take digital photos (like those taken with Instagram) from a phone and print them out on Polaroid-type stock. It was funded pretty much instantly.

For Your Health

Anti-smoking campaigns have often focused on the internal–like the classic “black lung” shots printed on cigarette boxes. But a new one out of Finland instead shows the external effects, with the aim of targeting vain teenagers. Read more here.


The iPhone 5 announcement is pretty much what all of us thought it’d be, so we were left to entertain ourselves in other ways. I wore [robotic mind-controlled cat ears](Apple iPhone 5 Liveblog: Mind-Controlled Cat Ears Edition). John Herrman over at Buzzfeed FWD turned Apple’s new earbuds into a crab.

The Beauty And The Beast

UK artist Claire Morgan created this dramatic artwork out of a morpho butterfly and a lot of bluebottles. Click here for more of her work, which makes use of owls, swans, and other artful fauna.


Námaskarð is an insanely picturesque volcanically heated pass in Iceland that barely looks like Earth at all. Looking at Tim Navis’s photographs of it, one can easily imagine exploring the outer parts of the solar system. If one is so inclined.

Monopoly, Alan Turing Edition

Why not? Bletchley Park, where the world-changing mathematician did his codebreaking work, celebrates Turing with this board game, available for purchase now for just £29.99. Via Gizmodo.

Giant Daddy-Longlegses Invade Seattle

Or perhaps it’s just an art project installed by illustrator Marlin Peterson at the Seattle Center Armory. Hard to tell.