Your Autumn Guide To Apples [Infographic]

Apples are weird. Here are their weird names.
Wikimedia Commons

The Baldwin. The Northern Spy. Apples are almost always named after old, moneyed English people and books they would read. And now that fall is here, it’s basically Downton Abbey.

Sean Seidell, an information designer who previously taught us about chocolate and also got us super wasted, created this infographic of 41 apples, organized by taste and recommended use.

“In my research I learned that there are more than 7,500 unique varieties of apples worldwide. Narrowing down to just 41 apples was a challenge,” Seidell wrote in an email to Popular Science. “I tried to include as many popular apples as I could while still leaving room for exceptional apples that have amazing flavors such as the Winesap with a unique tart, spicy, vinous flavor or the all-purpose, excellent tasting, but not a beauty queen, Newtown Pippin.” But at least it didn’t get stuck with a name like Esopus Spitzenburg.