Bill Nye, science educator and excellent dancer, is prepped and ready to send you a box of personally curated knick-knacks. Nye has joined Quarterly Co., a subscription-based mailing service where for a small fee, you can sign up to receive boxes of special treasures from “influential contributors” of your choice once every three months.

Nye’s packages will contain “a collection of tools to change the world and raise awareness of environmental issues,” according to Quarterly’s press materials.

“Since the longest journey starts with but a single step, I hope my mailings will give our subscribers some scientific insight and some cool tools to do a little bit more with a little bit less,” Nye explained. “I’m talking about items and ideas to change the world.”

So you’ll get a box of stuff… that will teach you how to have less stuff. But it’ll be from Bill Nye! Throw some money at Quarterly and let us know what he sends out.