Labor Day has passed, and we’re already mourning summer, but at least there’s the fall foliage to look forward to. If you’re wondering when to watch, the trip-planning site Roadtrippers put together this map showing peak leaf-shedding days for the whole country.

A few small parts of the country will reach peak season later this month, but the good majority will be in prime-time at some point in October (broken down by early, mid-, and late in the map). Some areas of the South and Southwest, meanwhile, will have to stick it out until November.

Fun! You could even go on a leaf-chasing tour with this, if you had a month and a ton of gas to burn. Or you could just be patient and wait for the best foliage to hit your area. Unless you live in southern Arizona or Texas, or anywhere in Florida, in which case enjoy your next five months of summer.

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