Winner, Deep and Meaningful category. Vaclav Krpelik/ZSL

Can the world ever have too many beautifully composed photographs of wildlife? Only correct answer: never ever. So without further ado, here are the winning images from the Zoological Society of London’s second annual Animal Photography Prize.

Costa Rican ants carry a piece of leaf homeward:

A Giant Trophy for a Small Ant

Winner, Size Matters category

An adorable panda munches on bamboo:


Highly commended, Last Chance To See category

A heron takes an island beach break in the Maldives:

Sunbathing Heron

Highly commended, The Perfect Moment category, junior

A florescent-looking gecko peeks up from a papaya:

Greedy Green Gecko

Highly commended, Weird and Wonderful category

The winning photographs will be displayed at the London zoo until the end of the year. More information about the exhibit and competition can be found here.

New Scientist