3d printed heart

$600,000: the funding the National Institutes of Health has awarded to bioprinting projects since 2007. See how 3-D printed body parts will revolutionize medicine.

20,000: the number of cow cells used to make the first lab-grown beef patty

The First Lab-Grown Burger

$15,000: the money this team hopes to raise for a campaign to get rid of mean people via natural selection

Don’t Sleep With Mean People

1,397: the number of known asteroids that could potentially end the world

All of the PHAs

$350: the shipping cost for a $1.15 million Andy Warhol painting (you can now buy fine art on Amazon)

“Flowers,” Andy Warhol, 1964

$250 million: the money Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos paid to buy the Washington Post


Jeff Bezos

20 tons: the weight of each of the seven mirrors in the new Giant Magellan Telescope, which will display the far reaches of the universe at 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope

Giant Magellan Telescope

2015: the year NASA will begin the first twins health study in space

Scott and Mark Kelly

Scott Kelly (left) and Mark Kelly (right) pictured in 2008.

13 feet: the diameter of a crazy underground machine that will hopefully detect dark matter

Underground Cosmology

30 microns: the thickness of a new Mona Lisa replica created by researchers at Georgia Tech (that’s just one-third the width of a human hair!)

30-Micron Mona Lisa

2 million years: the age of the dirt in your backyard

$20: the price to print an instant copy of your key from a photo

Screenshot of KeyMe App Scanning a Photo

19,500 tons: the size of the new Izumo, Japan’s biggest warship since WWII

Japan’s new Izumo helicopter carrier

Look at all these streamers. Look at all these streamers on this military vessel!

70,000: the rough number of images the Curiosity rover has sent back to Earth during its first year on Mars

The First High-Res Look at Curiosity on Mars