Linden Gledhill

All these psychedelic colors don’t look too impressive in the bottle. That’s because they come from a film of soap, which Pennsylvanian Linden Gledhill made with a machine and then photographed.

The colors come entirely from the interference of light that enters the soap film and then reflects off of either one of the two layers of the soap’s lipid bilayer. Different colors correspond to different thicknesses of soap layers. For some of the photos, Gledhill also aimed a precise, pulsing stream of ion wind at the soap film to make trippy patterns.

Gledhill is a researcher at GlaxoSmithKline. He produces photographs for fun and commercially. In the past, we’ve admired his microscope photographs of crystals of food coloring.

Click here to enter the gallery. All the silly photo titles are my fault, not Gledhill’s.

Colors With Ion Wind

Facing Vortices

Gledhill made this image with the ion wind machine, too.


Alien Sunset


Colors, No Ion Wind