A Yarn-Bombed Bridge And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Plus a robotic street sign, a floating fort-turned-hotel, and more

Miniature Worlds

Artist Matthew Albanese takes crazy photos, right? Nope. This is actually a cleverly designed miniature stage made to look like a real setting, which sounds much safer than going boating during a storm.

Rooftop Paradise

Tip: If you’re going to build a crazy rooftop oasis (which, please, do that) make sure it’s legal. This one, built by an industrious apartment owner in Beijing, was declared illegal by authorities, under the Mandatory Demolition of Totally Awesome Stuff Act.

Sea Hotel

In the 18th century, the British built floating forts to defend against Napoleon’s Navy. Now, one of the forts is being renovated into a luxury hotel, to defend against not staying in a ridiculously cool hotel.

The Sky On Fire

Jason Ahrns, a scientist and University of Alaska, Fairbanks graduate student, captured photos of rarely-seen “sprites,” flashes of red light that accompany lightning storms. Here’s a look at some torch-like objects hanging out over Nebraska.

A Yarn-Bombed Bridge

As a celebration of Pittsburgh’s bridges and art scene, a team of 1,800 volunteers covered the city’s Andy Warhol bridge with blankets. Looks cool, and keeps the bridge warm in the winter.

Flat Forest Map

The Dymaxion Map is a world map designed to give a flat look at the world without distorting the shape of the planet. (It’s an icosahedron, natch.) As part of a design competition to put a new spin on the map, designer Nicole Santucci and firm Woodcut Maps put together this awesome reimagining, which shows forest density based on the darkness of the wood. They won the competition.

Fractured Hotel

Each floor of the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, opened in 2005, was designed by a different architectural firm, and Plasma Studio went wild with their fourth-floor space, creating this trippy, house-of-mirrors corridor.

Legos For Architects

Lego is releasing this 1,200-plus piece, monochrome Lego Architecture Studio set, complete with instructions on design principles from real-life architecture firms, which sounds like fun for adults (i.e., me) too. (Yeah, I know, all Legos are Legos for adults. But these especially.)

Robotic Street Signs

Design team Breakfast put together this robotic street sign, which rotates its arms to point toward different destinations, like transportation or landmarks. (“Imminent Robot Domination: 9 BLKS East.”)

Tagged Plane

This Boeing 737 was tagged as part of a series called the “Hanger One Project,” organized by graffiti art coalition Hangfire. You might say the result is (HERE COMES A PUN GET READY) fly.