Space Group and KOPRI. Ice Lab commissioned by British Council and curated by The Arts Catalyst.

2014: the year this aerodynamic, flying saucer-like research station is set to open in Antarctica

15 feet: the length of a new cow-like dinosaur discovered in Utah


1 week: the time it would take Earth’s average global surface temperature to drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit if the sun went out

Solar prominence

$1,350: the price of this bio-inspired tarantula robot, which will crawl out of a 3-D printer and into your heart

520 billion: the number of gold nanodots per square inch on the thinnest light absorbers ever built

Thinnest Light Absorbers

Consisting of billions of gold nanodots, these four squares are the thinnest light absorbers ever built.

$495: the price of an “invisibility wetsuit” that hides you from sharks while you swim

Shark-Proof Suit

12 miles: the diameter of a new moon discovered orbiting Neptune

New Moon For Neptune

44 pounds: the weight of the giant life-hunting bullets astronomers want to fire into Jupiter’s moon Europa

$150: the price of a pair of 3-D printed custom shoes

Custom-fitted Shoes

$100: the bounty this Colorado town might pay you for shooting down a government drone

Deer Trail Mayor Franks Fields aims at a hypothetical drone

1.5 to 1.8 liters: the amount of liquid the average active person sweats in an hour (so… how much can a human body sweat before it runs out?)

$130: the price of a new portable head-up display from Garmin

Garmin portable head-up display

2,556: the number of genes carried by a newly discovered megavirus, the world’s largest known virus. By volume, it is 200 times bigger than the flu.

Hello, Pandoravirus