How To Get Rich In Your Country Of Choice [Infographic]

It's easy! Just inherit gobs of cash.

How do the rich get rich? The answer depends on geography.

This infographic, designed by studio BoldFace and published by Independent Newspapers, breaks down, for various regions, how the rich earned their dough. In the United States, it’s a landslide: 67 percent of wealthy survey respondents said they made it big by “savings through earnings.” In the Middle East, meanwhile, “inheritance” is just barely the most popular way of striking it rich, with 49 percent of respondents saying they got their dough passed on to them. Since the graphic was published in Irish newspapers, there’s also of ton of data on how Ireland’s rich accumulated their wealth.

The infographic still leaves a couple questions open. How is “wealthy” being defined here? And what can we attribute to the differences: culture, laws, or something else? Either way, go ahead and use this as your field guide to your very own cash-filled swimming pool.