An Espresso Machine Engine And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Plus: a twisted skyscraper, an octopus made of light, papercraft organs, and more.

Paper Organs

Artist and architect Horst Kiechle created these anatomically accurate torsos, complete with organs, out of paper. If you want your very own metaphor for the fragility of human life (because of course you do) Kiechle has posted instructions on his site.

Glitch Man

Jamie Boulton beamed computer glitch displays on his body, then photographed the results, which are sort of like crazy cyberpunk-tribal tats. Check out more over at Co.Design.

Octopus Light Painting

Light “paintings” are tricks of photography: a long exposure will capture trails of bright light as if you’re painting right in the sky. This octopus painting, by Darren Pearson, is one of our favorites. Read more over at Design Boom.

Glass Brain

There’s a lot more to this one than meets the eye: Angela Palmer takes MRI and CT scans and etches them onto a sheet of glass, over and over. Then she stacks them to make a 3-D engraved glass portrait of the brain. Awesome! Read more here.

An Espresso Machine V12 Engine

Espresso Veloce makes beautiful espresso machines based on equally beautiful engines. (Sounds like a sight gag: humans and engines both need fuel, right?.) Here’s their latest work, based on a V12 engine. It’ll brew you a cup in just 16 seconds, though we can’t imagine a 16-second espresso would taste all that good.

Bridge Venue

This massive, ambitious bridge concept is much more than a bridge. Designed to cross the Garonne River in Bordeaux, France, the bridge is designed not just to cross a waterway, but as a venue for people to meet, for entertainment, and more. Read more here.

Twisted Skyscraper

This twisted skyscraper is, amazingly, a real thing and not a concept. Unsurprisingly, it can be found in the city where no architectural idea is too silly: Dubai. Read more here.

Chain Light

Artist Soo Sunny Park turned chain link fencing into something much more by adding glass panels to the spaces in the fence. Bouncing light off the curved fencing looks pretty amazing–check out a video here.

Galaxy Smash

Here’s a lovely picture of two galaxies–one spiral and one elliptical–messily smashing into each other. Read more here.

See The Green

We loved this gallery of satellite vegetation images this week. This here is the Mississippi Delta, where the mighty river dumps into the Gulf of Mexico. Look how green!