Watch A Linguist Translate Teens' Annoying Groans Into Even More Annoying Academic Jargon

"Breathy-voiced long low back unrounded vowel with advanced tongue root?" Auggghhh.

Teenagers, right?! When they're not complaining about cleaning their rooms they're achieving nuclear fusion. Who can understand them?

Linguist James Harbeck can--kinda? As part of an awesome article for The Week, Harbeck "translated" teen-speak--"duhhh," "auuggghhh"--into academic linguist-jargon. That sort of annoying, fed-up, you-just-don't-understand sigh? "Glottal stop, reduced mid central unrounded vowel, long glottal fricative," according to Harbeck, who's totally game in this video to oscillate between professorial cadence and P.O'd teen who just wants to borrow the car for like one night.

Be sure to check out the ful article here.