8 Of The Year’s Most Oddly Gorgeous Science Images

A water slide for worms, the glorious C. instagram, and more
A goby fish peeks out of the coral it lives in. Goby fish are good housekeepers--they may remove algae from the coral that would otherwise smother it, undergraduate Chhaya Werner explained. Werner took this photo while doing field work in Panama. Chhaya Werner '14, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Is this the era of C. instagram? That’s the clever name of a cellphone photo one undergraduate took of a plate crawling with C. elegans (it kind of rhymes). Caenorhabditis elegans are microscopic worms that scientists commonly use to study genetics.

The student, Meredith Wright of Princeton University, initially snapped the picture after seeing the plate in lab and thinking it was “particularly lovely,” she wrote in an explanation accompanying her photo.

Later, she submitted her image to Princeton’s Art of Science contest. Princeton then picked 43 images, including hers, to display in the Friend Center campus. Click here for a look at some our favorites.