The 10 Coolest Species Discovered In 2012

The tiniest frog, a bioluminescent cockroach and more
Cercopithecus lomamiensis, Lesula Monkey
People living near remote forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo have long known about this melancholy-looking fellow. It calls loudly at dawn and males have bright blue butts and testicles. People hunt and eat lesulas and scientists consider their status vulnerable. Maurice Emetshu

Happy birthday, Carl Linnaeus! May 23 was the 306th birthday of the developer of the scientific system for naming species. To celebrate, Arizona State University’s International Institute for Species Exploration announced its annual list of the top 10 species that received official names in the past year. Scientists discover about 18,000 new species a year, according to the institute.

This year’s picks include the world’s smallest invertebrate, a glow-in-the-dark cockroach, and a monkey that locals have long known about, but that only just received a scientific name. Check them out below.

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Chondrocladia lyra, Lyre Sponge
Eugenia petrikensis
Juracimbrophlebia ginkgofolia
Lucihormetica luckae
Ochroconis anomala
Paedophryne amanuensis
Semachrysa jade, Jade Green Lacewing
Sibon noalamina
Viola lilliputana, Lilliputian Violet