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Summer Rave Video:
What Drugs You Like Depends On Where You Go Dancing [Infographic]

Drugs Used In The Last 12 Months

MixMag‘s annual Global Drug Survey came out yesterday, and it has the breakdown. The survey asked 22,000 people about their drug use habits, and MixMag packaged the data in this nice little infographic. Maybe not surprisingly, the drug of choice is the legally obtainable alcohol. Cannabis isn’t too far behind.

The infographic also charts cultural differences between the U.S. and U.K. Judging from this, it would appear the U.S. is more fond of LSD (or can obtain it more easily), while ketamine is considerably more popular in the U.K. Maybe all of this is slightly skewed, though, since 14 percent of all respondents said they’d taken a mystery powder without knowing what it was.

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