Jesse Lenz

$50 billion: the amount Russia will invest in an ambitious space program to put a person on Mars, build a moon base, and shoot down foreign threats

9%: the portion of Americans who would have sex with a robot

7 millimeters: the average distance that nipples traveled toward the shoulders each year among women who didn’t wear bras

60,000 tons: the estimated weight of a mysterious ancient stone artifact discovered under the Sea of Galilee

30 days: the time it would take to get to Mars using a new fusion rocket

Artist’s rendition of a fusion-driven rocket

$2.7 billion: the amount spent on crowdfunding in 2012, a three-fold increase from 2010

2017: the year the new exoplanet-hunting mission, called TESS, will launch

$5.3 million: the amount someone paid this week for a letter describing DNA that Francis Crick wrote to his son in 1953

Francis Crick’s Letter To His Son

1,000: the years humans have to colonize another planet before facing extinction on Earth, according to physicist Stephen Hawking

$200: the cost to produce a new DVD player that tests for HIV

1 billion: the number of stars the spacecraft Gaia will map of our galaxy’s 100 billion

Gaia Diagram