Mars colony
Bryan Versteeg / Mars One

2023: the year Mars One wants to send two men and two women on a one-way trip to the red planet (apply now!)

$185: the cost of the world’s first braille smartphone

0.61 kilos: the amount of cocaine the average person can fit in his or her, uh, body

15: the number of birthdays a child born on Kepler-62e would have every five Earth years

Artist’s rendering of Kepler-62f

$60: the cost of one bottle of nasal spray containing oxytocin, a hormone that might make you fall in love if you inhale it before a date

6.5 tons: the weight of all the space junk currently orbiting Earth (bring in the space harpoon!)

80,000: the number of deaths from drug and alcohol overdose in the U.S. in 2010

U.S. drug fatalities, over time

10: the number of environmental holidays that are cooler than Earth Day

22: the number of people who have died from the new H7N9 avian bird flu

$75 million: the profit made by a British millionaire who sold bogus bomb detectors to governments all over the world, killing soldiers who relied on the devices to find explosives

Iraqi Soldier with an ADE 651

If there is a bomb in that car, that device won’t detect it.

More than 9,000: the number of people who participated in the biggest hackathon of all time, led by NASA

26 million: the number of travelers who had their bags lost by airlines in 2012

$20,000: the cost of one child-piloted robot war machine (what could go wrong?)

Child-Piloted Robot

1985: the year MDMA was banned in the U.S.

$300: the cost of one Oculus Rift headset, the most immersive virtual reality system yet

Oculus Rift (developers)

1 million: the number of neurons in a new computer model of the brain that works as fast as a live brain does

14 days: the length of time it takes 52 forensic video analysts, working around the clock, to sort through 5,000 hours of video evidence

16: the number of rotors on Hyundai’s impractical-but-awesome flying car

Flying Car Concept

60: the number of angry comments readers left on our letter to President Obama about climate change