From a photo by Dan Lampariello

5,037: the number of Massachusetts residents who offered their homes to people stranded after the Boston Marathon bombing

5 microns: the width of the pixels used by a tiny new camera from DARPA

5 Micron Pixel Infrared Camera
5 Micron Pixel Infrared Camera DARPA

1938: the year Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD for the first time

1,200 degrees Fahrenheit : the temperature needed to ignite anhydrous ammonia, the chemical at the site of the factory explosion in West, Texas

West, Texas Explosion
West, Texas Explosion Culture Map Austin

93 percent: the portion of a single cell’s DNA scientists were able to map using a new genome-sequencing technique

1884: the year a Popular Science writer overdosed on hasish

11,417: the number of sharks killed per hour by humans

1.78 mg: the amount of ricin (the poison mailed to President Obama this week) needed to kill an average adult

Ricin (on Breaking Bad) via Breaking Bad Wiki

70 percent: the portion of kilt-wearers who go without underpants, which may make their sperm stronger

3.5 million: the number of inhabitants per square mile in the vice-ridden former Chinese military fort known as Kowloon Walled City (Manhattan’s population density is only 27,000 people per square mile)

3.5 grams: the amount of marijuana in the nitrous-powered Green Dragon liquor

Green Dragon
Green Dragon Paul Adams

20-30 percent: the percentage of cats that don’t react to catnip

44.3 percent: the portion of U.S. clubgoers who have used LSD in the past year, compared with only 14.5 percent of UK partiers

3800 kV: the voltage of a zap from the new anti-rape bra created by engineering students in India

Anti-Rape Bra
Anti-Rape Bra SHE via BBC

10 inches: the length of the Giant African Land Snails that have invaded Florida (they may have been imported for Santería followers to drink their mucus)


Giant African Land Snails

Giant African Land Snails