PopSci is pleased to present videos created by ChefSteps, the free-to-learn culinary school started by alumni of the creative team behind Modernist Cuisine._ These original videos explore the art and science of cooking, as well as provide a glimpse into unseen or unnoticed phenomena that occur in our kitchens._

The magnificent, intense-flavored raspberry is an aggregate fruit, composed of 100 or so drupelets. You can pull these apart with your fingers or teeth, especially if you’re a child, but the efficient, fun way to get lots of independent drupelets is with liquid nitrogen. In this video, ChefSteps demonstrates how superchilling the fruit makes it brittle, so it readily shatters into its components.

Watch Raspberries Shatter In Slow Motion

Liquid nitrogen has this effect on pretty much everything. Chefs use it to create powdered versions of things that are otherwise unpowderable, like shrimps and sausages, as the Kitchen Alchemy team showed us. It can also make your fingers brittle, so be very careful.