A City Made From Chewing Gum And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Plus churches that look like tanks, paintings made from masking tape, and more

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Impossible Bike Loads

For the photo series “Totems,” Alain Delorme captures the insane loads carried by migrant workers in China, then Photoshops them to increase the proportions even more. Seems like it could almost be real, though, if you just tweak physics a tiny bit.

Ant Trackers

To learn more about ant society, a team of scientists glued movement-tracking barcodes to hundreds of ants. Twice a second, the position of the ants was calculated, and researchers eventually determined how ant society divides labor based on age: younger ants nurse the young, for example, while older ants become foragers. But in the 9 million ant-to-ant interactions that happened during the experiment, all of the ants were too polite to say anything about the barcodes on their friends’ backs.

Fox In A Forest

The Nature Photographer of the Year 2013 competition is over, and some stunning winners came through this year. This fox in a forest is particularly memorable; it took runner-up in the “mammals” category, while another fox photo won it all. Both look like something out of a fairy tale.

Gum City

French artist Jeremy Laffon stacked thousands of pieces of gum together to make what you’d imagine Robert Moses made when he was a 9-year-old: a city composed entirely of (unused!) chewing gum. After building the city, Laffon turned on a light to warp the buildings with heat. Because you don’t get to have a city without having an urban heat island.


Is it a church-tank, or a tank-church? No idea! But artist Kris Kuksi made a set of sculptures like this, and the world is a slightly stranger place for it.

Shake It

Oh God! What a horrible malformed monster! Ha-ha. Just kidding. It is a dog. Photographer Carli Davidson photographs them mid-shake for her appropriately titled series “Shake.” Check out more over at Slate.

Eye To The Sky

Romain Jacquet-Lagreze frequently photographs Hong Kong from the ground up for the series “Vertical Horizons,” a look at the city’s buildings. Makes you feel like you’re falling up.


Airigami specializes in making crazy balloon sculptures, but they might’ve outdone themselves by making this 20-foot-long reproduction of the acrocanthosaurus, which was put alongside real dinosaur skeletons at the Virgina Museum of Natural History.

Masking Tape Art

Artist Sun K. Kwak makes incredible 3-D painting-sculptures out of black masking tape, spontaneously tearing apart roll after roll to create wavy, smoke-like shapes on walls.

Painted Skies

Matt Molloy takes timelapse photos to capture multiple shots of moving clouds or the changing colors of a sunset, then digitally adds in stokes from the different times to create a paint-like, layered effect. Here’s evening by a barn. Even better than the real thing?

A Volcano From Space

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield, tweeting this photo from the International Space Station, wrote this: “The beautiful and violent ugliness inside a naked volcano. Chad, Africa.” That about sums it up.