February 2013: Robots To The Rescue

Nick Kaloterakis

Letter From The Editor

Emergency Forms

By Jacob Ward


How To Build A Hero

Humans regularly lose their lives rushing into disaster zones. Now engineers are racing to build robots that can take their place. By Erik Sofge

Staying Power

** Extreme storms such as Hurricane Sandy have pushed the U.S. electrical grid to its breaking point. The technology exists to keep the lights on–we just need to implement it.** By Kalee Thompson

The Dazzling, Sometimes Absurd, Always Playful Genius of Erik Demaine

** Could the secret to breakthrough science be as simple as having fun?** By Daniel Engber


** Long-overdue upgrades to America’s rail system could prevent the next big train catastrophe. So why are the railroads so reluctant to make them?** By Dan Baum

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