A Cheeky Guide To Eating Like A Caveman

Paleo Diet Flowchart

Paleo Diet Flowchart infographic

Keeping up with the eating habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors can be tough. Luckily someone has slapped together a handy flowchart for you to reference if you’ve hopped on the latest diet-craze bandwagon, the Paleo diet.

Based on the idea that our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t suffer from the pains of obesity, cancer, gout and other modern woes, the diet prohibits anything that didn’t make up the human diet prior to the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago. That cuts out dairy, grains, sugars and legumes, as well as all delicious processed foods.

But unless you happen to be an expert in pre-Neolithic living or are subsisting strictly off the bounty of your personal forest, you may be a bit rusty on what a caveman would or wouldn’t eat. Or what a rock looks like.

So here is your reminder that corn is a grain, peanuts are not really nuts and some oils may kill you.

Hopefully the unknown source will follow up with another edition, “Is my butter grass fed?”